Turkeys Prime Minister Erdogan recently stated that his country no longer has confidence in Bashar Al Assad’s regime in Syria. This new statement adds to the mounting pressure on Assad’s regime to end its brutal crackdown on its civilians. As the death toll continued to rise the Turkish prime minister urged Syria’s government to “turn back from the edge of the cliff”. Erdogan has also warned Assad that continuing this brutal crackdown threatens to place him on a list of leaders that are seen to “feed on blood.”
It was also noted that during this statement Erdogan refereed to Bashar Al- Assad disrespectfully by addressing him by his first name. Consider yourself diplomatically owned Bashar. You know you have reached an all time low when even the basic diplomatic courtesy is not afforded to you by a former regional ally. I’m guessing someone spent their past Eid greeting card-less. If I were you I would de-activate my Facebook before it chooses to de-activate you.
Forever Alone

2 thoughts on “Owned

    1. Well to be honest their are a host of reasons why. But yes your comment about oil does hit most of the nails on the head. But some other factors to explain why would be Syria’s proximity to Iran and the fact that Iran at this moment in time is the main concern for the USA. If they were to wage a war of any sort they would much prefer to wage it on Iran rather than Syria due to the fact that its No.1 on their hit list. Plus, take out Iran and you greatly weaken Syria anyways. Also we can’t forget the part Russia and China have played in blocking UN resolutions that harshly criticize Syria. Though they weren’t receptive to the whole Libya conflict, they were less resistive. Especially Russia who has a lot to loose if the Syrian regime does fall. I think you might find this article interesting as it helps highlight some of the differences between Libya and Syria:


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